Quote Software That Can Take the Guesswork out of Your Bids

by J.B. Maverick

2 min read

If you want to submit a winning bid, you need a professional, easy-to-understand quote. While it is possible to create quotes on your own, you may want to invest in software or apps that can help.


Quotient provides all the tools you need to make quality quotes, and it lets you add images, files, and links to your quote. When your quote is complete, you email a link to your customer. The program’s interactive capabilities allow customers to ask questions on any element of the quote. You are immediately notified of questions so you can explain or alter the quote as needed. If the customer decides to move forward, you can sync Quotient with your QuickBooks Online software, and all the information is used to generate invoices.


Designed for contractors, simPRO helps you create quotes, but if your bid is accepted, this program also has tools to help you through the rest of the process. Scheduling features help you keep employees organized easily, while purchase order tools allow you to get the supplies you need for each job. The program also helps you create invoices, and since it is based in the cloud, you can access simPRO remotely from a range of internet-connected devices.


To create quality quotes from anywhere, you may want to check out ContractorTools, which works with iPhones and iPads. After you create a quote, you can instantly email a PDF copy to your client or have the client review the quote and sign the agreement using your iPad. The program runs on a subscription-oriented model, meaning you pay a monthly fee to access the features, but if you generate a lot of quotes, it can be worth it. Like the rest of the apps listed, ContractorTools also syncs with your QuickBooks Online software, and can help you save time on manual entry while also reducing mistakes.

DEAR Inventory

If you are a supplier putting in a bid to a procurer, you may want to create quotes with an app such as DEAR Inventory. With this program, designed for small businesses in particular, you can create detailed sales quotes, and if the quote is accepted, you can automatically convert it into a sales order. The program also helps with picking, packing, and shipping slips, and it can track communication between you and your client about a quote or sales order.


In addition to programs that help you create quotes, you may also want to look into programs that help you organize your time and resources so you stay under budget, or as close to your quote as possible. MinuteDock is a timekeeping app with a bevy of features, and you can use it to track time on key projects. You enter details about your quote, and MinuteDock tracks your time, sends you reminders of what you should be working on, and helps ensure you stay true to your quote.

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