What is Feature Creep?

by J.B. Maverick

1 min read

Feature creep is when a product becomes overloaded with bells and whistles that detract from the final product. It tends to happen with software. The product design team loses sight of its purpose and the needs of its customer base. Typically, feature creep starts out with good intentions, as product designers want to give customers the greatest value in exchange for their purchase and appeal to a wide audience. Feature creep often happens when the product design team begins thinking of what they would want in a product and forget about the users. It can sabotage the product – the extra features can lead to bloat, making it slower, buggier, and less effective. Many customers may find themselves overwhelmed by the extra features and choose a simpler alternative . This is especially the case with customers who are not tech-savvy. Some strategies to ward off feature creep include keeping a laser focus on the original mission during product design, getting feedback from outside of the product development team, and repeated beta testing with potential customers. During the product development cycle, someone should have final approval over every feature before it is built and included in the product. Feature creep compromises the effectiveness of your product and turns away users. Extraneous features will confuse and turn off potential customers. It can be avoided by keeping the end user and the product’s purpose in mind during the product development cycle.

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