Welcome to the QBO App family, DEAR Inventory!

by Craig Anthony

0 min read

Inventory. The dreaded word for many a business. Stock on hand, stock adjustments, returns to suppliers, partial deliveries, volume discounts, margin calculations…. all four-letter words if your inventory is out of control. But get your inventory right and it becomes a business advantage – you can make decisions on the fly, delight customers and drive your profitability.

Business owners with inventory, rejoice! QBO and DEAR are here to make your life a lot easier. DEAR is a comprehensive inventory management system with product planning, cost and development, manufacturing, sales, shipping and payment features. DEAR Inventory’s intuitive interface simplifies day-to-day inventory operations and seamlessly syncs your all back-end transactions with QBO.

DEAR even boasts advanced features normally found in much more expensive offerings. Looking for serial number/batch/lot number tracking, multi-level Bill Of Materials, “drop shipping”, or integration with multiple sales channels? DEAR Inventory integration with QBO is a fantastic solution for inventory-based businesses.

Want more? Don’t forget to check out our add-ons page for the full list of applications that integrate with QuickBooks Online.

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