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Tips for Collecting Unpaid Invoices

Find out what you can do to collect unpaid invoices. Regardless of what payment terms you specify on your invoices, some clients take a long time to pay.

Managing Delinquent Receivable Accounts

Find out how to handle collecting on past-due accounts to avoid cash flow problems due to delinquent receivables.

How to Handle a Customer’s Bounced Check

Review some of the steps you should take if you have to deal with a bounced or insufficient funds cheque.

What Is a Credit Invoice?

What is a credit invoice? A credit invoice details a full or partial credit related to an invoice that has already been issued.

How to Accept Payments With QuickBooks

Follow these steps to set up QuickBooks to accept online payments, mobile payments and credit card payments.

Cloud Versus Template: Which Invoicing Option is Right for Your Small Business?

Move beyond the invoicing templates installed on your office computer system, and enjoy the ease and increased efficiency of a cloud-based invoicing platform.

Accept Electronic Cheques

Look at the benefits of accepting electronic cheques at your small business. Compare electronic cheques to paper cheques.

Should All Invoices Be Due Upon Receipt?

Having invoices due upon receipt will speed up cash collections. However, consider other aspects of your business, as multiple areas will be affected.

Schedule Email Reminders For Invoices

Review the importance of scheduling reminders for late invoices. Reminders can help you reduce late payments and shorten your accounts receivable terms.

Benefits of Mobile Invoicing for Small Business

Find out how to use mobile invoicing with online accounting software such as QuickBooks to reap benefits like improved cash flow and productivity.