Accounting Tips: Use Cc and Bcc Fields When Sending Invoices

by Emily Retherford

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When emailing an invoice to a client, you may want to send a copy to yourself, your sales department, or other individuals based on client requests or your personal preferences. To do so, you may use the Cc or Bcc fields on the QuickBooks Online invoicing portal. Cc stands for “carbon copy,” a reference to handwritten copies made with carbon paper, and everyone who receives the invoice can see the email addresses in the Cc field. Conversely, Bcc stands for “blind carbon copy,” and no one can see these email addresses, which makes the Bcc field a great tool for sharing information discreetly.

If you want a copy of every invoice sent to yourself or to anyone else, you may use settings to add the relevant email address, and this automatically adds that address to the Bcc field of all invoices. To add multiple addresses, separate them with a comma.

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