Benefits of Mobile Invoicing for Small Business

by Emily Retherford

2 min read

It’s important for small business owners and freelance professionals use readily available technology to streamline and improve their businesses. For those who provide services on the go, travelling to clients’ offices, a mobile invoicing application is a very helpful tool with many benefits. Mobile invoicing can save you time and money, two very important commodities for small business owners and independent contractors. Mobile invoicing apps are available that tie in directly to online accounting software, such as QuickBooks Online.

Saving Time

Imagine that you are an IT consultant with your own business, and you regularly travel to work at the offices of clients who may be located relatively far from each other and far from your office. If you can only issue invoices from your office computer, to invoice in a timely manner, you either have to travel back to your office between field appointments or wait until you return to your office after a long day on the road or at the end of extended road trip. Using mobile invoicing, you can immediately invoice after a service call.

Being able to immediately issue invoices using your mobile phone saves you a considerable amount of time, especially if you’re on an extended work trip that will keep you away from your office for several days. Additionally, connecting to QuickBooks Online allows you to see exactly when a customer views your invoice. Your customer can message you back, and you can quickly resolve any questions or issues.

Saving Money

Using mobile invoicing also saves you money and helps you manage your finances more efficiently. By invoicing through a mobile app, you save the cost of printing and mailing a traditional paper bill. That’s one reason why Billtrust reported in 2015 that 75% of companies had plans to expand their electronic invoicing within the next year.

Mobile invoicing can also improve your cash flow position by helping to ensure that your customers or clients pay you more quickly. In contrast to waiting until you return from a week-long business trip and then having to print out and mail an invoice, instant mobile invoicing could mean getting paid for your work up to two weeks earlier than using regular paper invoicing. Getting money in two weeks faster sometimes makes a huge difference in being able to manage your finances.

Other Benefits of Mobile Invoicing

Using a mobile invoicing app is easy to integrate with online accounting software. You can transmit information from the app to your accounting software, and also from your accounting software to the mobile app. By using a mobile invoicing app tied in to your accounting software. you can send and track invoices, check payments and transmit electronic payments to your own suppliers.

In short, mobile invoicing can enhance the operating efficiency of your business and make your business life easier.

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