How to Collect on Past Due Accounts and Not Alienate the Customer

by Emily Retherford

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Past due customer bills cut both ways in business, creating a slow revenue stream and a potentially delicate situation when trying to collect what is owed. Consider the following advice when attempting to collect on a late account.

  1. Be polite if contacting the customer by phone.

  2. Use email to adopt a softer, less-direct approach.

  3. Getting angry might mean losing a customer.

  4. Discuss partial payment options.

  5. See if there is a valid reason for the delay.

  6. Express empathy for the situation.

  7. Be firm but not overly aggressive.

  8. Explain how late payments affect your business.

  9. Propose more than one way to resolve the issue.

  10. Extend time and terms if necessary.

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