An Affordable Perk: Letting Your Employees Work From Home

by Thom Tracy

2 min read

While the right benefit package can help to attract employees, many benefits can be expensive to offer. However, there are luckily many free benefits you can give your employees, including the ability to occasionally work from home. Here is a look at some of the ways this perk can benefit your business.

Free Employee Incentive

If you like, you can let all of your employees work from home occasionally as a basic perk of the job, and you can extend this benefit to everyone. Alternatively, you can save this privilege and use it strategically as an employee incentive. For example, you could offer a day at home per week if employees meet certain productivity milestones. Unlike other incentives, this one won’t cost you a dime.

Financial Savings

Even if your employees only work from home once in awhile, it can still save you money. On the days they don’t come into the office, your employees aren’t consuming snacks or using your electricity. Over time, these savings can add up.

Employee Retention

Contemporary employees crave flexibility, and employers often need to offer flexible schedules to keep and attract quality talent. In particular, employees want a work-life balance. If your employees have a dentist appointment, a sick child who cannot go to school, or another personal issue, they may truly appreciate the ability to login from home for the day.

This built-in flexibility helps to boost employee happiness levels and by extension, increases the likelihood your employees will stay with the company. When you increase employee retention, you enjoy a more qualified, committed workforce, and you save on expenses such a recruiting, interviewing, and training new employees.

Increased Productivity

Studies show employees are 13% more productive when they work from home, but the reality can vary based on the personality of your employee, your industry, and multiple other factors. However, in most cases, a change of scenery can go a long way to increase productivity. For example, if your employees need to buckle down and focus on a personal project, they may benefit from scheduling a day at home. However, if they need to collaborate, they may be better off in the office. This type of flexibility can help boost productivity across the board.

Expanded Appeal

The way you treat your employees can have a direct impact on the type of employees who are drawn to your business. If you offer business-forward solutions such as the ability to occasionally work from home, this can help you earn a reputation as a caring and flexible employer, thereby helping you attract new employees. In some cases, even if you cannot offer as much pay as another company, an employee may be drawn to you simply because of the perks. As indicated above, you can offer this valuable perk at no cost to yourself.

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