Help Your Door-to-Door Sales Crew Dress for Success

by Thom Tracy

1 min read

If you rely on a door-to-door sales crew to market your business, you should help them dress for success with the right uniforms. Unlike street clothes, uniforms help to assure potential leads that your employees are legitimate representatives of your company. They also help to ensure that your employees look professional. When choosing uniforms, consider what works in other industries. For example, through the years, Tim Hortons uniforms have featured mostly solid-coloured golf shirts with a complementary coloured band along the sides. The vertical band along the side adds some variety to the outfit without creating a distraction, and it creates a trim appearance. In terms of colours, red is a power colour often associated with sales, but blue tends to evoke trust and calmness. The disarming effect of blue can be essential when your employee is trying to build a client relationship at the door. To hone in on the right colours for your business objectives, you may want to consider colour psychology or do some market research to gauge how potential clients respond to certain uniform colours. Additionally, you may want to offer a few different styles of uniforms to accommodate employees with different style preferences. For example, you may want to offer tapered shirts as well as straight-cut shirts, or skirts in addition to pants. When your employees feel good in their uniforms, it helps them to be more confident at the door, which ultimately translates to more leads, sales, and profits for your business.

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