Workplace Perks in the Millenial Age

by Lois Leonard

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Gone are the days when being offered a private workstation and telephone use were reasons enough to accept a job. Millennials, who make up the majority of Canada’s workforce in 2017, want employers to value their contributions to a business’ growth. Here are a few other perks millennial-aged workers want you to offer.

Work-Life Balance

Millennial workers want a work-life balance. Work-life balance means different things to different workers, but in general, being able to work a flexible schedule increases worker quality of life. A study published in Canadian Business, reports that millennial workers also want the option to work remotely instead of being tied to an office. Having the choice to work at home, or at a co-working space of their choosing, allows workers to attend to family and other personal matters more easily. Offering on-site child care or a child-care subsidy, or allowing pet owners to bring their pets to work, also improves employees’ work-life balance.

Lifestyle Perks

Global companies such as Google and Apple broke with tradition by offering their employees concierge services typically given at first-class hotels. In 2017, concierge perks are commonplace at startups and established companies with large numbers of millennial workers. If you wish to attract millennial-age employees, consider offering catered breakfast and lunch a few times a week, and lots of free gourmet coffee and snacks. You might even set aside space for a game room, a nap area, or an on-site fitness center. Millennial workers also enjoy perks such as dry cleaning drop-off and pickup, public transportation subsidies, and errand services. While you don’t have to offer all of these perks, anything you can do to make being at work more enjoyable helps attract millennial workers.

Opportunities for Growth

Millennial-age employees desire opportunities for growth and don’t want to stagnate in their jobs. They also want to be groomed for leadership positions, according to the Deloitte Millennial Survey 2016. To retain this younger generation of employees, you might consider offering, or subsidizing, training courses to help them refresh old skills or learn new ones. Delegating responsibilities to workers in this age bracket also helps prepare them for promotions in your company as they become available. Another important reason to develop millennial workers is retention; if your employees feel that you care about their growth potential, they’ll be more likely to stick around and help you grow your business.

Diversity and Value

In spite of their youthful age, millennial workers consider being valued to be a significant perk and a reason to take a job and keep it, according to Mentor Works. Millennials consider age to be a diversity factor and want employers to value their contributions as much as those made by older generations of employees. Creating an awards or recognition program can be an effective way to ensure you reward the contributions of all deserving employees regardless of their age.

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