4 Small Business Holiday Marketing Ideas

by Emily Retherford

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Outshine your competitors by developing a unique holiday marketing campaign. A brief review of some popular, holiday promotional campaigns can stimulate your imagination. Focus on low-cost marketing ideas. Limit the time and money you spend on each idea so you can experiment with a variety of strategies.

Announce Your Plans for the Coming Year

Notify customers about promotions and sales for the coming year. This gives them the opportunity to plan to take advantage of your special offers. If your customers decide to benefit from your company’s promotions, they might be less likely to respond to surprise announcements from your competitors because they are setting funds aside for your company’s products.

Announcing rollout dates for new programs and product introductions is another way to facilitate customer participation. As the end of the calendar year approaches, businesses make budget allocations for the upcoming year. Taking advantage of the holiday season to offer customers a preview of upcoming opportunities can motivate them to align their purchases with your company’s promotions. Avoid disclosing specific prices, because your competitors could plan accordingly by offering better bargains.

Have a Contest

Have a contest for your company’s customers. One example could be an Instagram sweepstakes were participants post a holiday themed picture with a set hashtag; the winner’s could win a prize such as a special discount at a retail location. Remember, the prize should be relevant to your small business’s target market.

Another technique could involve an affinity marketing approach, with a coupon redeemable at a friendly business as the prize. The other business could be motivated to return the favor and direct potential customers to your company. Contests incentivize customer loyalty and enhance their connection to your business.

Promotions for Holiday Discounts

Email marketing campaigns offering special deals for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day can be very effective. Because customers anticipate available bargains on those dates, timely email alerts about your company’s promotions could bring robust responses. Rather than making significant markdowns on key products or services, focus on moderate discount opportunities providing a significant temptation to bring customers to your website or business premises. Take advantage of the opportunity to present those customers with everything your business has to offer, once they respond to the promotion. Studies reveal that customers take advantage of discount opportunities to make first-time purchases.

Update Your Website With International Holiday Culture

Feature regularly updated information on your company’s website about unique holiday traditions from around the world. Have a space on your site discussing the holiday traditions of a particular country and change it every day, if possible. Include pictures to make the subject more compelling. Many customers might make a point of visiting your site daily, for the sole purpose of learning holiday trivia. Some customers might spontaneously decide to make purchases or schedule appointments during these holiday-themed, site visits.

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