Host a Big Event for Your Small Business

by Emily Retherford

2 min read

Hosting events can mean big business for your new venture. It takes understanding your target audience, planning and intense marketing for events to yield your desired result. Consider hosting the following kinds of events to build brand awareness, generate leads and make sales.

Worthy Cause Events

Hosting fundraising events makes your company and brand look good in the eyes of the public, especially if you host fundraisers annually. For a successful fundraising event, identify the charity or cause early on and work closely with the nonprofit organization to ensure that your business and the organization benefit from the effort. Create a fundraising committee of interested staffers and delegate tasks to all of your employees to encourage enthusiasm for the event and to ensure that details such as invitations, transportation, catering, speakers and entertainment, security, and crowd control come together efficiently.

Meet-and-Greet Events

Planning a successful networking event begins with identifying individuals with whom you want to network. If you run a telecommunications business, for example, small business owners looking to upgrade their telecom systems may be your target audience. Select a site for the event that’s easy to get to, such as a centrally located hotel or coworking location with large meeting rooms; you can also host a networking event on your business premises if you’re working with a limited budget. Post a registration form on your website or use an RSVP app to make registration easy for attendees. Delegate your most organized employees to handle check-in to capture the names and contact information of all attendees.

Learning Events

Workshops and seminars bring large numbers of your clients onto your business premises. Learning events can promote a range of business types. To plan a learning event, start by creating engaging, useful learning materials, such as brochures and booklets that event attendees can keep as references. Identify a space where a group can be comfortable sitting or standing for the duration of the event. Having an engaging speaker facilitate the event can help you make sales, generate leads and build loyalty within your client base.

Partnership Events

Partner with companies in your industry to host an event that attracts a big audience. If your business is a fitness centre, for example, a local health food store or vitamin retailer might be the perfect partner for a day of fitness and health. When holding an event with partners, meet with the owners to create shared goals.

Travel and Tourism Events

A day trip can be an effective way to build your reputation. Getting away from the office breaks the monotony, and you may find your audience more receptive to your pitch during a day trip to a ski resort or while enjoying lunch high atop the CN Tower. Plan the day’s activities around product demonstrations and client interactions to generate more business for your company.

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