How to Build Your Business Through Webinars

by Lois Leonard

2 min read

Webinars provide a cost-effective way to market your business. This type of interactive marketing works best when you have valuable information to share with current and future customers or clients. Consider the followings ways webinars can increase your business’ audience, customer base, and revenue.

Webinars Explained

Similar to a conference call, a webinar is an interactive, multimedia-based package of information organized around a topic. You share the information live online through a combination of audio, video, screen grabs, and slide shows. Much like with an in-person seminar, you can advertise a webinar to your target audience to encourage them to sign up and attend, and you can publish free information such as an e-book or pamphlet to give away. If you decide to create a webinar, remember that its purpose is to share valuable information with current and prospective clients rather than to advertise your business. A well-crafted webinar offers useful information to help attendees solve a problem on their own, but some webinar attendees may decide to patronize your business to help them solve the problem, which increases your sales.

Offer Value

Consumers love it when businesses offer free information, and holding a webinar allows you to do just that. An owner of a carpet cleaning business, for example, might create a webinar on the subject of do-it-yourself carpet care for pet owners. People who have pets and need to know what to do to maintain their carpets would be the target audience and the ones most likely to sign up for the webinar. While consumers appreciate the free information, your webinars don’t always have to be free. Depending on the type of valuable information you share, you could charge a fee. For example, small business experts sometimes charge fees for webinars that offer ways for entrepreneurs to increase their earnings.

Use Free Tools

Some of the best webinar tools are free. While webinar tools vary, they all allow you to present multimedia information in a live format. The tools also let many users connect to and participate in your presentation from their computers and smart devices. Before you settle on a webinar tool, consider the size of your audience and ensure the tool can accommodate the number of participants who sign up for the webinar. You can market your webinars to your fans for free on social media websites or pay a small fee for social media or search engine ads to reach a wider audience.

Fast-Track Business Growth

Webinars establish you as an authority and help to build brand awareness, which is key to growing your business. You can also build your email list when you hold webinars, which is important because of the known effectiveness of email marketing. The best benefit of webinars, by far, is they enable you to interact with your target audience, which gives you a greater understanding of its concerns. Interacting with webinar participants also sheds light on new products and services you can offer to help them solve problems.

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