Indentify Your Target Market

by Emily Retherford

1 min read

Identifying and understanding your target market is a big part of your company’s success. It’s far easier to market a product or service to people who are already interested in your niche than it is to random consumers and hope for the best. In addition to helping you to create more effective sales pitches, knowing your audience allows you to better train your staff, brand your company, create promotional content, and lower your marketing expenses. In the business world, preaching to the choir is the best course of action.Start by creating a detailed customer profile that outlines your typical customer’s location, gender, age, and income level. You can also dig deeper and add hobbies and interests, profession, and marital status. If you can’t identify your target market easily, you may need to do more in-depth market research.Doing market research is one of the best ways to find your target audience. From posting online surveys to having focus groups, interacting with potential customers and clients and observing their opinions is one of the most direct ways to find out important things about your target market.Don’t gamble valuable resources starting a business until you’re confident that you know who to reach and how to reach them. It may be tempting to rush headfirst into an exciting idea, but you need to lay the preliminary groundwork before you take concrete steps. Once you know what to expect, you’re far more likely to make informed decisions that pay off in the long run.

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