Optimize Your Product Titles for eBay

by Emily Retherford

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EBay has its own set of rules when it comes to product titles and SEO, so make sure to structure your eBay product titles properly when uploading new products. Follow these steps to maximize your eBay titles:

  • Use accurate keywords in your eBay product titles such as the product’s brand name, designer, or artist.
  • Include general descriptors such as “ticket,” “necklace,” or “DVD” to help eBay’s search engines include your products in search results.
  • Add product details such as size, color, and item condition.
  • Avoid using synonyms, plurals, and punctuation as eBay’s search engine doesn’t take these into account. Also, avoid using phrases and words such as “check out,” “look,” and “wow” as web users don’t search for these terms.
  • Spell check your titles. You don’t need perfect grammar, but correct spelling makes it easy for search engines to find your products.

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