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Best Practices for Millennial Clients

Working with younger clients? Keep these items in mind when discussing finances, taxes, or retirement with your millennial customers.

Using Career Fairs and Conventions to Recruit College Graduates

Recruit graduates at job fairs and career expos by creating an eye-catching booth, handing out informative literature and keeping in contact with prospects.

Methods for Accepting Credit Card Donations at Your Fundraiser

Review options for collecting credit card payments at charity fundraisers. Compare the pros and cons of imprinting machines, swipe devices, and online payments.

Billing Methods for Small Business Owners

Review billing and invoice options for small business owners, and look at the advantages of different invoices.

Applying for a Federal Business Number in Canada

Find out how to apply for a Federal Business Number and what types of businesses need one in Canada.

Accounting Tips: Deducting Student Loan Interest Payments

Learn how to deduct the interest paid on student loans, which loans are eligible, and when to claim the deduction.

Accounting Tip: Follow the Six Year Rule for Preserving Business Records

Learn why Canadian business owners should keep receipts and other records for at least six years to comply with tax law.

Are Millennial Entrepreneurs the Real Deal?

Learn why millennial entrepreneurs promise to be a driving force with Canadian small businesses and startups.

Finding an Accountant That’s Right for Your Business

Choosing an accountant to help you with your business is an important decision that can turn into a valuable long-term partnership.