Handy Time-Tracking Apps that Simplify Payroll

by Sean Ross

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Balancing labour costs with quality workers makes tracking time spent on jobs extremely important, no matter if you hire employees directly or use contractors for certain functions. While old-school methods like time cards and invoices work in a pinch, time-tracking apps simplify this process dramatically, with options that avoid an invasive feeling while promoting productivity and efficiency. Check out the features on these time-keeping apps to select the ones that best fit your business’s needs.

Time Card

Make it simple for workers in the field to check in and out remotely with the Time Card for Android mobile app for timekeeping. Designed to work with tablets, smartphones, and Chrome-based laptops, this easy-to-use app tracks time, miles, and earnings, and it also lets employees make notes about each job for greater detail. When workers need to turn in their time, they can email your payroll department a CSV file directly from the time-tracking app.

ClockedIn 2

Help workers stay organized with the ClockedIn 2 app for iOS devices. Advanced functionality with iOS devices lets them push completed jobs to their smartphone or tablet calendars, time tasks across multiple dates, export reports via CSV or PDF files, and integrate their address books. Support for Air Print lets employees make a paper copy of reports for payroll if needed, and multitask options improved from the first app version make it easier for contractors to move between tasks and ensure clear-cut billing for hours worked.


Track time and keep teams well organized using the Toggl time-tracking app, which is compatible with Android and iOS devices, Chrome browsers, and Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Up to five users in your company can use this app for free, with monthly pricing options for pro-level users who need to add more members. Touted as an instant productivity booster, Toggl fills the bill with one-click real-time tracking and easy integration with other helper apps you can customize to your business’s specific needs. This app syncs your additions with those of others on the team to create a transparent billing report for hours spent on each job, and workers have the option of printing or emailing reports and allowing oversight into project progress.


Simplify the time-tracking process with the streamlined Hours for iOS timecard app. Support for multiple projects helps your accounting department determine labour costs per project while ensuring employees get paid correctly for each minute spent on the job. Clear-cut reporting gives your business tools to determine where best to spend money on future projects by sectioning out costs in an easy-to-understand manner. The ability to create timelines keeps projects in check while helping you track worker progress and estimate completion times and costs.Ensuring workers always receive precise payment for their services keeps your professional reputation high with employees while boosting chances that contractors will be willing to work with your business in the future. Provide your workers and team members with handy tools that keep you in the know and keep them receiving accurate payments.

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