How To Make A Mobile App For Your Business

by Sean Ross

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A mobile app may be a great idea for your small business. General steps to have one created include:

  1. Hire a developer. There are dozens of sites online to hire freelance developers, locally and abroad.

  2. Choose whether the app’s platform is Android, iPhone or both.

  3. Storyboard the app. A storyboard is a visual representation of what the app looks like, screen by screen.

  4. Have a crystal-clear description of what each screen on your app does. This is very important for the developer.

  5. Be ready for a few back-and-forth discussions to develop the app. You probably won’t be perfectly happy with the first minimum viable product that the developer presents to you.

  6. Have a clear time and dollar budget communicated up front to prevent surprises. Apps take time and money to create.

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