How to Post Snapchat Stories From Your Business Account

by Sean Ross

0 min read

Snapchat is a social media app that lets users send and receive public or private images and videos. What makes Snapchat unique is that the messages can self-destruct once they are viewed. Follow these steps to post Snapchat stories from your business account:

  1. Download the app from iTunes or Google Play, configure your account, and add friends.

  2. Using the app, take a photo by tapping the big circle on the bottom of the screen. To take a video, tap and hold the circle.

  3. Swipe left to see editing options.

  4. Click the clock on the bottom left to choose how long the content will stay on the screen (if it is an image).

  5. Tap on the icon at the bottom right to choose to add the content to your public story.

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