Use the CRA’s Mobile Apps to Simplify Tax Preparations

by Sean Ross

1 min read

Make tax season a breeze by utilizing the Canada Revenue Agency’s three mobile apps on your device. The CRA Business Tax Reminders app is available for download for Android, Blackberry, and iOS. MyCRA and MyBenefits CRA are web-based mobile apps.MyCRA The key to a stress-free tax season is having all of your information up-to-date before you need it. Use MyCRA on your smartphone to update your personal details with just a few clicks. If you’re an individual taxpayer such as a sole proprietor or an independent contractor, then MyCRA is a great tool for double-checking details when it comes time to file.MyBenefits CRAIf you’re an individual benefits recipient, MyBenefits CRA lets you access your benefits information from a secure source year-round. You can check payment details and review your benefit eligibility. If you receive personal benefits in addition to your business or professional income, this information is important when you file your return.CRA Business Tax Reminders Plenty of business owners, contractors, and proprietors make payments on an instalment basis, but it’s all too easy to miss a payment date amid the hustle and bustle of daily business operations. Use the CRA Business Tax Reminders app to set your own alerts and reminders for any tax-related deadlines, whether it’s a return date, remittance, or instalment payment due date.Tax season goes by fast when you come prepared, so keep the CRA’s three mobile tax preparation apps around all year and never have your information out-of-date or miss a deadline.

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