Would Your Business Benefit From Going Mobile?

by Sean Ross

2 min read

As a small business owner, you probably enjoy the convenience of using online accounting apps to manage your business, but you might not realize the benefits of having a branded app of your own. Millions of consumers interact with their favorite brands daily via apps. Even if you have a mobile website that’s getting lots of traffic, you’re probably missing out on opportunities to increase your customer or client base and make sales if you don’t have an app.

24/7 Engagement

An app is a highly effective way to market your products and services to your customers or clients 24/7. This is especially true if your app sends push notifications. Mobile data statistics website Localytics reports that approximately 46 percent of app users check apps that send push notifications multiple times per month or more. This means that you can send information about promotions via your app and not worry about the information being overlooked, as is often the case when you disseminate such information via social media or email. Keep your clients and customers engaged by adding features to your app that let them track and redeem loyalty points.

Increased Sales

Many consumers already buy their favorite products and pay for services on their mobile devices. If you’re already making sales on your mobile website, you might create an app with built-in e-commerce features to help users complete transactions on the go. Your sales app can include your merchandise catalog; you can also add reservation and special order capabilities to the mobile app and sync sales to your QuickBooks apps for real-time inventory updates, and receipt and invoice processing.

Enhanced Marketing Intelligence

The more you know about your customers and clients, the more effective your marketing; going mobile can be of valuable assistance in this regard. Add features to your app that let you collect data, such as the types of merchandise users prefer, peak shopping times and your most successful promotions. Your app can also collect demographic data and help you measure the overall effectiveness of your marketing practices and the strength of your brand.

No-Coding Necessary

At one time in the recent past, you needed to be a whiz at coding or pay an app developer six figures to create an app for your business. These days, you can use online app-builder tools, such as Bubble, BuildFire and Como, specifically designed to help people with no coding background create cool apps. Companies that provide app-builder tools also offer users the services of their skilled app developers at additional cost, which can be useful should you need additional help perfecting your app and bringing it to market. If you have a small budget to hire a freelance app developer, you can search for IT talent in freelance marketplaces, such as Upwork and Guru.

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