Eliminate Expense Reports with Xpenditure

by QuickBooks Canada Team

1 min read

What is Xpenditure?

Just take a picture of your receipts and Xpenditure reads out all relevant data, such as amount, merchant and even currency used. You can add your own meta information such as project, expense category, business trip, etc.

Connect Xpenditure to your QuickBooks Online account and send all your expenses directly into your QuickBooks Online account with ease.  No more manual input, no more lost receipts, no more hassle!

What makes your Xpenditure awesome? 

– Fastest receipt scanner (approx. 2 minutes to read out all data out of receipts)
– Smart expense reports
– Integration with online accounting software
– Integration with cloud storage providers such as Dropbox & Evernote
– Intuitive user interface
– Integrated approval flow for bigger companies
– Multi Currency (real time currency conversion using real time exchange rates)
– Expense Rules & Alerts (e.g. no expenses can be made during weekends for employees that work in department marketing)
– Multiple groups & role management

How does it work with QBO?  

After connecting Xpenditure and QuickBooks Online, you can easily send all your digitized receipts to your QuickBooks Online account.

To export expenses from Xpenditure to QBO, you just generate an accounting report in Xpenditure. This smart report includes all expenses that need to be send to QuickBooks Online. When the report is generated, just click the “Export to QuickBooks” button to export the expenses. All expenses will get the status “Reported” in Xpenditure, so they won’t be included in next accounting report.

Xpenditure transfers amount, merchant, date and an image of the receipt.

Who is Xpenditure ideal for?

Xpenditure is made for self-employed and SMBs, helping them to save time on reporting expenses.

The basic plan is ideal for companies with up to 15 employees. For bigger companies, Xpenditure offers a plan with an integrated approval flow, group management and expense rules & alerts.

14 day trial for “Self Employed” plan
30 day trial for “Professional” plan
60 day trial for Large Companies

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