Small Biz Spotlight: Moxie Trades

by QuickBooks Canada Team

1 min read

As a new mother, Marissa McTasney traded her high heels for work boots – though she had no idea how far those boots would take her. When she took a course in construction, one thing quickly became clear: no one was making work gear for women. She had found her niche. And with that, Moxie Trades was born.

Beginning with 30 pairs of her now-famous pink work boots, Marissa’s venture grew and grew. Today, Moxie Trades offers everything from footwear and tool belts to safety glasses and a range of attire, all available at 450 retailers in both Canada and the United States.

As her success started to swell, Marissa had to find a way to manage her business. “When the orders started to come in, I had no idea what to do,” she recalls. “Accounting is not why I have been put on this earth.” That’s when she turned to QuickBooks Online, a cloud based bookkeeping and invoicing software.

“Very early on in the business, I realized the one thing that would be critical to my success as an entrepreneur is efficiencies,” explains Marissa. “QuickBooks quickly became part of that for my business.”

Always on the go, Marissa splits her time working at her warehouse, visiting various worksites and retail locations, connecting with women in construction, and all manner of other tasks. With that in mind, she relies on QuickBooks Online to keep her mobile, constantly informed, and, of course, efficient.

Not only does QuickBooks save her time, it makes sure that nothing goes overlooked while also allowing her to dictate tasks to multiple users. “Any entrepreneur can do this. With the right tools in place, anybody can be successful,” says Marissa.

Marissa runs Moxie Trades with QuickBooks Online. How do you own your small business?

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