Create a Winning Business Plan for Your Nonprofit

by Danielle Bloom

1 min read

All organizations need a business plan to help with planning and strategy. For a nonprofit, a business plan is a great way to tell your donors what you do, volunteers why they should help your organization, and banks why you should get a loan. A business plan can also help your nonprofit stay on track as it grows and begins to have a wider reach. Your executive summary at the beginning of your business plan gives an overview of what your nonprofit does, how it achieves its goals, and its greatest strengths. This summary can describe the structure of your organization: the staff, volunteers, board members, and other key members of your entity. It gives readers an understanding of your size, experience, and ability to make an impact. Your business plan should also outline your marketing plan and operations plan. This includes explaining who you are trying to help and how you plan on reaching that target. Finances of your nonprofit should also be discussed. This information covers your revenue, expenses, and debt. Remember to include the methods of how you raise funds and your fundraising goals. At the end of your business plan, you can include promotional materials, board of director information, and key charts or graphs. Together, all of these items in a business plan give readers a full view of what you do, how you do it, and why they should support your cause.

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