How to Obtain a Permit to Operate Your Small Business in Canada

by Craig Anthony

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To comply with Canadian government regulations, your small business may require a number of permits and licences from multiple levels of government. Due to the sheer amount of information you need to sift through to discover what certifications your startup may require, BizPal was created as a result of the collaboration of federal and provincial governments to simplify this process.

The information you require is available from one source, allowing you to spend more time building your company and less time handling bureaucratic red tape. Here are a couple things to keep in mind when using BizPal:

  • Some businesses have not yet been added to BizPal. Contact your local government if you cannot find a category for your industry.
  • A licence or permit with an asterisk beside it indicates you need to contact the issuing organization to determine if your startup requires this certification.

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