Networking Online to Find Remote Accounting Professionals

by Greg DePersio

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Networking online can help your small business find online accounting professionals to work on a freelance basis or as remote employees. Finding accounting help through networking offers several benefits over using job boards or headhunters to recruit workers. The biggest benefit conferred by networking is social proof. By hiring workers that you find through others in your personal or professional network, you have access to information about their experience and work habits that cannot be gleaned from looking at a resume. Moreover, networking enables you to reach out to workers not actively seeking to change jobs, and these often turn out as the best employees. Using the following methods can help you network online to find remote accounting professionals.


LinkedIn serves as a hybrid job board and social media site. A typical user, rather than filling his profile with vacation photos and political rants as on Facebook, creates an online resume by listing his job experience and educational background in detail. The site enables professionals to link with one another to create an online professional network. As a small business owner seeking the best employees, you probably want to use LinkedIn. Particularly if you are open to the idea of hiring remote accounting professionals, LinkedIn lets you find the top talent without regard for geographic limitations. Once your profile is complete, you have the ability to join accounting groups and network with accounting recruiters on the site. Do this as much as possible, and never hesitate to reach out to someone you think might be a good fit. Even if it doesn’t work out, this person might have someone else to recommend; that is the beauty of networking.

Accounting Forums and Message Boards

Many accounting websites have forums and message boards where professionals congregate online to talk about industry happenings. Sometimes, people post on these forums explicitly seeking work. Accounting message boards, whether you hire someone directly from them or not, can be great places to make contacts within the industry and discover what others are doing to find talent remotely. People are rarely stingy with information on message boards. They love to share what works and serve as a source of knowledge to others. When you find a forum that suits you, don’t just lurk. Introduce yourself and start building relationships. Offer any information you have that might help others, and many of them will be happy to reciprocate.

Facebook and Twitter

Traditional social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are fantastic places to look for remote accounting professionals. For one thing, sheer numbers are in your favor on these sites, as both have millions of users. Additionally, you can search for workers in two ways on Facebook and Twitter. You can seek out qualified professionals using each platform’s search functions or, alternatively, you can post paid advertisements, similar to a job board. With a paid Facebook ad, you can target a certain province or region of the country, and you can specify that certain keywords, such as freelance accounting, be found in the profiles of ad recipients.

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