Accounting Tips: Maximize Your Etsy Sales by Setting Up Direct Checkout

by David Dierking

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Etsy reports that sellers who accept multiple forms of payment experience 49% more sales than sellers who only accept one type of payment, and Direct Checkout makes it easy to accept credit cards or debit cards, transfers from select banks, ApplePay and Etsy gift cards. Once a week or by request, Etsy dispatches the funds directly to your bank account.

To sign up, you need your bank account information, and the company typically takes five days to process the request. In addition to Etsy’s usual transaction fee, there is a small checkout fee per transaction, and as of 2016, the fee for Canadian sellers is 25 cents plus 3% of the sales price for domestic and U.S. orders, or 25 cents plus 4% of the price for international orders.

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