Benefits of Online Payment Apps

by Lois Leonard

1 min read

One of the best ways to improve your cash flow is to make it easy for customers to pay you fast. For in-store transactions, customers can wave their near-field communication-enabled smart devices in front of NFC-enabled terminals to make fast and easy payments. Your business doesn’t capture customer details but issues receipts of payment in-store or by email. In the absence of NFC-enabled phones and terminals, customers can download payment apps from their bank or digital payment services, which work just as fast in some cases. Lightening-fast app payments also decrease time in the checkout line, which makes customers and clients happy, and makes it easy to ship purchases and deliver services quickly. Fraud is the biggest drawback of using online payment apps. While financial institutions provide security for app users, fraudsters have been known to create dummy apps and make them available in online app stores. Dummy apps usually ask for lots of personal information, which ends up being used for nefarious purposes. You can enjoy the benefits of accepting online payments by encouraging your clients and customers to acquire payment apps only from legitimate sources. A link on a bank or payment service’s official website that takes customers to an app store is a legitimate source. Online payment app links sent via email or displayed in banner advertisements may not be legitimate. Accepting payments via apps gets you cash fast to grow your business, but advise your customers and clients to steer clear of shady-looking apps.

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