How to Accept Payments With QuickBooks

by David Dierking

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QuickBooks Online allows small business owners to accept online payments and credit card payments. To set up QuickBooks to accept payments, take the following steps:

  1. Click the Gear menu in QuickBooks and click Company Settings in the Settings section.

  2. If you aren’t already subscribed to a Payments plan, click Payments and then click Learn More.

  3. Choose a plan and enter all the required information, including bank account information for recording deposit.

  4. To create an invoice that with payment options, click the plus sign at the top and click Invoice.

  5. Enter all the required information, and choose the types of online payment you accept.

  6. To receive mobile payment, click the plus sign at the top, click Receive Payment and click Enter Credit Card Details.

  7. Either enter the credit card information of your client, or swipe the card with the free card reader from QuickBooks.

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