Taking Payments Just Got Easier

by David Dierking

1 min read

One merchant service account – multiple ways to accept payment

How do you get paid? If you are a small business that accepts or wants to accept credit cards, QuickBooks is making it easier than ever to do so. We’ve recently launched a new bundle for QuickBooks Merchant Services (QBMS) that allows any small business to get paid in their office, store, or on the go. Small businesses can now accept credit card payments within their QuickBooks desktop software AND on their iPhone or iPad through GoPayment.

Instead of having to apply for both QuickBooks Merchant services and GoPayment separately, now you can have a single account to access both payment solutions.

How do I get the QuickBooks Payments Bundle?

If you are a QuickBooks Desktop[1] user, simply sign-up for QuickBooks Merchant Services and select the GoPayment card reader within the application.

  • Learn more about QuickBooks Merchant Services here.

If you’re currently using QuickBooks Merchant Services, you’re already able to process credit cards in GoPayment with your QBMS account. Simply request your card reader by following the instructions here.

Download the GoPayment App from the iTunes App Store and login to GoPayment using your QBMS account email and password.

What forms of payments can you accept with the QuickBooks Payments Bundle?

  • In QuickBooks, accept Debit and Credit Cards (VISA, MC, and AMEX)
    • Debit option requires a separate pin-pad terminal (Monthly costs apply)
  • In GoPayment, accept Credit Cards (currently only VISA and MC)

Important Notes:

  • Currently GoPayment only supports iPhone and iPad (with wireless connection). Android coming soon!
    • Learn more about QuickBooks Merchant Services here.
  • Credit card transactions made through GoPayment will not automatically appear in QuickBooks
  • Currently QuickBooks Merchant Services is not available in QuickBooks Online




[1] QuickBooks Merchant Service works with all QuickBooks 2011, 2012 and 2013 products (except EasyStart) and with Enterprise 9.0 and up (all sold separately.)

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