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Tips for Changing Payroll Frequency

Learn about payroll conversions when changing payroll frequency, and review tips on notifying employees and entering the changes into your accounting software.

Should You Use Payroll Cards in Your Small Business?

Read about payroll cards, and review the pros and cons of this method of payment. Get tips to help you decide if payroll cards are right for your business.

Reasons to Switch Your Payroll to Direct Deposit


Find out the many benefits that make good reasons for your small business to switch to using direct deposit.

Vacation and Holiday Policies by Province

Hiring your first employee? Review what you need to know about vacation and holiday pay. Look at the different rules for each province.

What Is a Vacation Entitlement Year?

Learn what standard and alternative vacation entitlement years are and why they are used in small business accounting.

Should I Pay for Payroll?

Find out about the factors businesses should consider when they are deciding whether to outsource the payroll function or keep it in-house.

How to Activate a Payroll Service in QuickBooks

Activate a payroll service in your QuickBooks software. There are differences in activation procedures that depend on how you purchased the software.

How to Offer a Health Insurance Plan for Your Canadian Employees

Discover why many businesses offer supplemental benefits packages and why some citizens cross the border for health care coverage.

Forget the Filing Cabinet in Favor of Online Payroll Processing

Save time, money and effort by using an online payroll processing system, which makes direct deposits to your employees' bank accounts on payday.

How to Find the Right Payroll Provider

Learn what to consider when choosing a payroll provider. Review the most important aspects of payroll providers.