Business Tips for Type B Personalities

by Thom Tracy

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A popular way of assessing someone’s temperament is to characterize that individual as having either a type A or type B personality. Because type B personalities are generally more easy-going, they have several advantages over the Type A mindset in the business world. If you have a type B personality, take advantage of the positive traits that can make you an effective team member and manager.

Business Personality Types

In business, type A personalities are generally more hard-driving, while type B personalities are patient, creative and less stressed. Your type B decision-making process is typically cautious. Take advantage of your tendency to assess circumstances rather than acting on impulse. Utilize your patient and cooperative nature to become a good team player. You are especially imaginative, so you think outside the box. In a world where people fall into ruts of following routines to accomplish goals, you can take a novel approach, which could prove highly advantageous for your organization. Because type B people are generally well-rounded, you are likely to have strong social skills. You are a good listener, and your associates can appreciate that; as a result, they may give additional weight to your opinions and discussion contributions.

A Challenge for the Type B Personality in Business

One important challenge for type B personalities in business is tardiness. Dr. Jeff Conte, an associate professor of psychology at San Diego State University, found that type B individuals tend to arrive at work later than type A people. Dr. Conte’s studies revealed that type A people usually felt that time was passing at a faster rate than the true duration. Type B personalities believed that time was passing at a slower pace than the clock indicated.

If you are challenged by punctuality, focus on improving task completion time by breaking down the particular tasks necessary toward completion of the goal, such as getting to work. Make note of how long it takes you to get dressed and how much time you spend eating breakfast. Assume that you will get stuck at every red light on the way to the office or to meetings with clients. Avoid multitasking when you are battling the clock, and imagine yourself performing each task before you actually do it; this gives you a better idea of how much time to allocate toward each task. Make a point of arriving at your destination earlier than necessary. Consider using a cloud-based, time tracking app, such as TimeRewards, and use your smartphone to get a clear view as to how much time you spend on all of your work-related tasks when you plan your schedule. TimeRewards syncs with QuickBooks accounting software.

Type B Personality Business Managers

In “The Type B Manager: Leading Successfully in a Type A World,” Victor Lipman discusses the advantages that the type B personality brings to business management. Type B managers are adept at conflict resolution, winning the trust of team members and motivating employees. Lipman explains how type A managers can adopt these type B approaches.

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