How to Enhance Employee Morale

by Thom Tracy

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When Henry Ford implemented a higher than minimum wage pay for his factory workers in the early 20th century, people began to notice the correlation between morale and productivity. Despite their higher wages, Ford’s workers produced quality cars at a quicker pace than the competition, more than making up for their cost of labor. Here are three cost-effective way to improve morale:

  • Show compassion. Get to know your employees as if they were your friends by taking an interest in their personal lives. They will feel valued as family members.

  • Use positive reinforcement. When someone is exceeding expectations, let them know, while recognizing the employees who receive good client feedback. This will result in more employees going above and beyond.

  • Promote internally. Employees that see it is possible to advance their careers within your company are likely to have a higher morale and be more productive.

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