Increasing Workplace Efficiency and Productivity Through Unified Communications

by Thom Tracy

2 min read

Having multiple forms of communication in use at your business gives employees and clients more ways to communicate, but it can also slow down workers and result in missed messages. Your small business can avoid these issues by implementing unified communications, which integrates multiple communication methods, including phone calls, emails, instant messages, and text messages, into one central hub. By bringing all your business’s communications together, you improve your company culture in several key ways.

Better Customer Experience

The customer experience is the most important factor in your business’s success, as one bad experience can result in a lost customer. If the customer becomes particularly frustrated, he may also leave a poor review that drives away future business. Your employees’ response time to customer inquiries plays a significant role in whether your workers provide a satisfactory customer service experience. Long wait times when calling with important problems or email inquiries that go unanswered prove major customer annoyances.With unified communications, you reduce the amount of wait time when customers contact your company. The improved communication around the office also makes it more likely that employees can solve customer issues on the first contact.

More Efficient Communications

When employees can’t get in touch with each other right away, your office loses productivity. While one delayed response may not seem like a big deal, these tardy messages can add up to major frustration. With a unified communications system, every one of your employees can save up to 20 minutes per day just by getting in touch with their coworkers the first time around instead of waiting for a call or a message back.

Mobile Ready

It’s becoming more common for employees to work remotely, either at home or on job sites. You still need to be able to reach them quickly, and the mobile features of unified communications makes this easier, no matter what type of device the employee uses. You can assign a single business phone number to remote employees to make contact easier. Remote employees benefit by having access to all their communication tools from any device they want.

Improved Communication Quality

When you set up unified communications at your business, you benefit from using the latest technology in all your communications, resulting in the best possible quality. You can expect better sound quality on phone calls and fewer dropped calls, making it easier for employees to communicate with each other and with customers. On video chats and conferences, these systems reduce slowdowns and other issue that can make communicating more difficult.Giving your employees the tools they need to communicate effectively increases efficiency and productivity at your company, which then increases your revenue. Unified communications systems are easy to install and intuitive, so it doesn’t take long for employees to learn how to use them. If your company uses multiple communication channels already, your business is even more likely to benefit from implementing unified communications.

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