Time Consuming Tasks and the Tools to Help You

by Haley Terry

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From tracking your finances to mentorship and locking in new customers, there is an endless stream of to-dos when running or starting up a small business. It’s well-know that time is money, and a small business owner needs both. Choose the right resources to maximize time on the clock and money in the bank.

Getting second opinions

  • For an entrepreneur, a second opinion is worth weight in gold. Peek is a great platform to use to get a second opinion on your web or mobile site. Enter your URL on the homepage and in the same day you will receive a video from a volunteer critiquing what it was like to navigate through your site. Most people will research a company before buying from them, so an honest second opinion of your digital real-estate can help you attract new customers.
  • Finding the right mentor is an obstacle every business owner faces. It takes time to expand your network and meeting someone you want to learn from and who is willing to mentor you doesn’t happen overnight.  Score is a great platform for tackling this. It’s a free service that specializes in small business advice.  You can use their engine to search for mentors by skill-set and industry background.

Organization and Scheduling

  • Keeping everyone on track makes for more productivity in the office. A cloud service, like Google drive is great for teams because everyone can view and share working documents, calendars, and more. It eases and speeds collaboration, which is a quality of a thriving business. Getting a Google account -and the usage off all of its applications- is completely free.
  • Hootsuite tracks all the well-known social media platforms businesses use to stay connected with their customers on one easy-to-use dashboard. It keeps you up-to-date on the views, clicks, likes, and shares of all your posts so you can see what messaging is effective and what is not.

Project management

  • Delegating is important to reach deadlines and stay on top of your workload. Trello is a cloud based, project management tool. It allows you to create customizable lists of tasks, as well as create ‘cards’ that summarize a project’s progression to which you can assign tasks and due dates (the basic version is even free).
  • Asana is a teamwork software designed so coworkers can communicate without an endless stream of emails. It is great for tracking project progress, delegating tasks and assigning due dates.

Expenses and financing

  • Use tools that will help you figure out where exactly your money is going. Expensify is one of the leading money management tools around today. Not only does it make it a lot easier to track cash expenses, credit card transactions and bills, but it also allows you to capture and keep record of your receipts simply by taking a photo of it.
  • An extremely vital part of starting up your own small business is setting up the possibility for online transactions for your customers. With this task comes the great responsibility of picking a safe and secure online transaction processor. There are many things to consider including: rates, interest, speed of processing, etc. but you may wish to stick to well known processors like PayPal or Collective POS to avoid possibilities of theft.

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