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Understanding Loss Determination

Posted in PROFIT & LOSS

Find out what you should do if you receive a nil assessment from the CRA after reporting an income tax loss, and understand loss determination requests.

Tools to Track the Profitability of Your Store’s Inventory

How do you tell if your inventory is profitable? Read about inventory management apps, QuickBooks reports, and metrics to help assess profitability.

Determine Your Minimum Monthly Profit

Posted in PROFIT & LOSS

Learn the steps involved to determine your business' minimum monthly profit, and review a sample calculation.

Maximizing Profit: Sell Versus Produce Further

Posted in PROFIT & LOSS

Facing a decision whether to sell or produce a good further? Use these three analysis methods to make the right decision.

How to Emphasize Profitability in Your Small Business

Posted in PROFIT & LOSS

Understand the importance of focusing on costs in analyzing profitability and learn how to increase your small business profits.

What Is Net Income?

Posted in PROFIT & LOSS

Net income is the total income after all eligible deductions. Find out what this number indicates and how small businesses in Canada report this at tax time.

Minimize Shrinkage by Assigning Protocol for Shipment Distribution

Prevent shrinkage through superior inventory management. Discover how a well-designed shipment distribution protocol can help prevent missing inventory.

Claiming the Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit

Learn how the Apprenticeship Job Creation Tax Credit allows eligible small business owners to claim up to $2,000 per year.

Maximizing Profits: How to Appropriately Utilize Leverage

Posted in PROFIT & LOSS

Learn how financial leverage can be a powerful tool for business owners, provided they don't get carried away with debt.

Perform an Annual P&L Review

Posted in PROFIT & LOSS

An annual review of your P&L is a necessary step to measure your business's progress and plan for the year ahead.