3 Reasons You Need Business Cards in Your Pocket

by Greg DePersio

2 min read

Business cards may seem dated in the age of smartphones and digital marketing, but don’t toss them out just yet. They can be an effective part of your marketing strategy, helping you brand your business and forge client relationships in ways that more modern marketing methods cannot. Besides, they’re so inexpensive to produce and easy to carry there’s no reason not to have them. Having business cards in your pocket lets you offer a personal touch when you make a new contact. It gives your business legitimacy and an air of professionalism. Unlike websites and social media pages, business cards have no downtime and are always accessible.

Personal Touch

Sure, smartphones make it easy to exchange contact information with a few taps of the screen. Some devices even let you buzz information between phones, but this is a generic way to give your contact details to someone, and it doesn’t set you apart or give them something unique to remember you by. Business cards add a personal touch. Only your own creativity limits the ways you can personalize your cards. You might choose to feature a professional head shot, or even a fun, casual photo, if it’s appropriate for your industry. Rather than going with traditional card stock, you could opt for stainless steel or plastic cards designed to withstand more wear and tear. All that matters is that your business card represents you and your business on a personal level.

Legitimacy and Professionalism

There’s something about seeing a business name printed on a professional card that gives it legitimacy in the eyes of potential customers. Even as flashy websites and Facebook fan pages are all the rage for small businesses, simply handing someone a business card featuring your logo and contact information makes you appear to be a professional. Imagine if someone pitched a business to you and, when you asked for a business card, responded, “I don’t have one, but check us out on Facebook.” If you’re like most people, you’ll probably forget to look for the Facebook page. Even today, it still seems unprofessional to lack business cards.

No Downtime

Websites and social media pages are important components of a comprehensive marketing strategy – but what do you do when you meet someone on a camping trip, where there’s no cell or Wi-Fi signal? How about when someone needs your services but isn’t in front of a computer or smartphone to look up your website? The great thing about business cards is they’re always available. They also give your contacts something tangible to hold, rather than another website URL to remember or another Facebook company fan page cluttering their news feed. Just because marketing is moving online doesn’t mean tried-and-true offline methods aren’t still important. Business cards are an important part of branding that never go out of style, and they offer several advantages over marketing exclusively online.

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