Jumping on the Cafe Cat Trend

by Emily Retherford

1 min read

In 2015, North America’s first cat cafe popped up in Montreal. In addition to exciting local clients, the cafe triggered a wave of social media banter, and cafes in Toronto, Ottawa, and other areas quickly followed suit. However, cats aren’t just for cafes. A cat can be a classic fixture in a bookstore, a curiosities shop, or a range of other establishments. Some offices are even inviting cats or dogs to hang out in the cubicles, alongside their workers. Whether you’re thinking about getting a cafe cat or cubicle collie, the advantages are clear. Pets can have a calming effect on employees and customers, and if they’re willing to pose for selfies, they’re great at generating social media buzz. In return for cuddles and PR potential, however, cats and dogs require some care. If you decide you like the idea of working with animals, you need to factor in things such as walking and feeding them – and vacuuming pet hair. There are a few places where pets simply can’t work, such as food manufacturing facilities. Additionally, if you decide to welcome a pet into your establishment, it’s important to be sensitive to employees with allergies. You want to focus on well-trained pets with calm dispositions, and you may want to contact your insurer to make sure the animal is covered from a liability standpoint.

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