What Is a Case Study?

by Emily Retherford

1 min read

A case study is a documented solution to a real-life problem or scenario event that plagues a customer or client. Using a company’s products and services, the study details step-by-step how management and employees reach a profitable answer. It details any road blocks, how the company worked through them, and how the solution provided a benefit. The study can last weeks or even years, and it can involve a specific entity (for example the accounting department) or an individual within an organization. It provides a way to highlight your experience and show exactly what your products and services do.Case studies deliver word-of-mouth marketing that many consumers find valuable. Instead of promises made by a company on how great a product or service is, a case study offers solid proof through charts and other documentation about how it works and the available options. You can use a case study as a marketing tool to help get the word out about your company. Once a study is complete, you can publish it on social media sites and other high-profile locations to help generate new leads and grow your business. A press release is one way to publicize a study, or you can opt for a niche-related blog to deliver the content only to those interested in specific products and services.Determine your customer or client preferences by implementing a case study to identify market trends and increase profits.

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