4 Soft Selling Tips for Accountants

by Greg DePersio

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Soft selling uses subtle tactics as opposed to aggressive advertising to convey your sales message. The approach emphasizes building relationships with your clients. One you have a thorough understanding of your customers’ problems, you can suggest solutions that add value in a non-promotional way.


You want to concentrate on selling solutions instead of directly selling your accounting services. Consider using analytics data to get a better understanding of your clients’ problems. For example, sales data may reveal that many of your customers seek help lodging their company tax return. Knowing this information helps you develop tailored solutions that you can market to their needs. In client meetings, actively listen to their challenges and explain how your products can provide an ideal solution. For instance, if the owners of a small business describe how they have an issue with late-paying customers, you could mention that you sell financial software that sends automatic payment reminders before an invoice is due to help solve the problem.

Content Marketing

You could use blogs, videos, and social media posts to stimulate interest in your accounting products and services. Your content should be informative and helpful, rather than explicitly promoting your offerings. For example, you might provide advice on how to avoid common accounting errors in the construction industry.If your accounting business targets millennial clients, make use of social media. Post content that’s relevant to their generation, such as saving for a home deposit. Encourage potential customers to ask questions; this helps you build a relationship with them and understand the accounting challenges they face.

Free Trials

Consider introducing your other products and services to existing clients through free offers. Get familiar with your customers’ problems and offer a complimentary trial of your products that provide a solution that they may not have realized they had. For example, if you have a client that regularly travels for work, you could offer a free one-month trial of your cloud accounting software. After the free trial concludes, the client may realize that the additional cost of the software is justified and makes a purchase. You want to market your free trials as an exclusive offer to valued customers as a way of thanking them for their patronage.

Cross Sell

You may find that cross selling is an effective and straightforward way to soft sell your offerings. The tactic is particularly useful to link your products and services together as one solution. Consider offering complementary services that you can cross sell; these items are sold separately and add value to your other products. For instance, you could sell training courses to accompany some of your more sophisticated accounting software packages. Your small accounting business can use soft selling to build stronger relationships with your clients, helping to enhance your sales results. Consider using tactics that include focusing on customer solutions, using content marketing, offering free trials, and cross selling your products.

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