4 Tips for Pursuing the Right Sales Leads

by Greg DePersio

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Pursuing quality leads helps your small business increase its sales conversions, but generating promising leads may require trial and error to find strategies that work. You want to monitor the effectiveness of each tactic so you know which one to use on a consistent basis. Consider using a combination of traditional and new lead-generating methods to achieve the best results.

Content Marketing

Content marketing helps your small business generate leads by using digital material, such as blogs and videos, to create interest in your products and services. Try to produce content that adds value to your potential customers. For example, if you own a golf repair business, you could offer information about when to replace the grips on your clubs. Allow for comments on your blog content to encourage customers to engage with your business, and consider adding a questions and answers section to show your expertise. Helping consumers solve their problems without overtly promoting your services helps to build trust and win their business in the future.


Traditional networking at events that your potential customers may attend, such as trading expos and industry events, is an excellent way to find worthy sales leads. Consider distributing your business cards and arranging a follow-up meeting with potential clients. If you sell products, take some samples that have your company contact details printed on them. In a social environment, mention your products and services organically in the conversation. A discussion about small business would provide an ideal opportunity to talk about how you sell financial software that frees up time by automating processes such as sending invoices and making payments.


Try to encourage your existing customers to refer your business to generate quality sales leads. Word-of-mouth advertising is particularly effective due to its credibility; potential customers value the opinion of family, friends, and colleagues. Consider offering incentives to customers who refer your services. If you own a landscaping business, you could provide a 15% discount for a recommendation that results in a new client. Harness the power of social media by asking satisfied customers to like your Facebook page and refer your services to their friends. You could also try to get influential bloggers who engage with your target customers to refer your business to their followers and offer them free products in return.


You want to optimize your website to help make your business attractive to potential clients. Ensure its landing page loads quickly and is easy to navigate, and encourage customers to sign up for your email list by providing an opt-in bonus, such as a free resource toolkit. If you operate a recruitment agency, you could offer subscribers content that helps them prepare for an interview. Track customers who visit your website by using analytics software. You may discover information about them that helps you refine your lead search. Data might reveal that the majority of visitors come from a particular demographic. Generating quality leads helps your small business keep a consistent sales pipeline. Consider using content marketing, networking, referrals, and your website to find the best sales leads.

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