Increase Sales With Tech Tools to Drive Impulse Purchases

by Greg DePersio

2 min read

The average Canadian consumer spends thousands of dollars on impulse purchases each year. Some make impulse purchases to cheer themselves up, while others do so to jump on a sale, even if they don’t need the item. As a retailer, you need to capitalize on impulse purchases.

Effective Website Design

If you run an online shop, work with a web designer or a quality e-commerce platform such as Shopify or Cloud Cart. To encourage impulse buys and drive the average ticket cost up, these sites should upsell to clients by offering them better, more expensive versions of the items they are considering. Similarly, your website should showcase related products in the margins of the page when customers are looking at their shopping cart. For example, a customer who is purchasing a phone should also see product listings for cases, styluses, and other phone-related items, tempting the customer to buy them.

Easy Payments

Impulse purchases don’t always need to be added to an existing cart. Customers may just make an impulse purchases on their own. To increase the possibility of this happening, use tech tools to streamline your payment process. If you have a brick-and-mortar shop, install a point-of-sale system that accepts Apple Pay or a similar fast system. With a website, consider setting up one-click purchasing. For example, Amazon Prime offers the ability to buy anything with the tap of a button.

Geo Targeting and Push Notifications

Through programs that leverage the power of GPS technology, you can encourage customers to make more impulse purchases. These tech tools work in a number of ways, but you may need to work with a tech professional to customize the tools for your purposes.

For example, if you have an app, you can add a geofence to it. A geofence outlines areas around your store or other relevant places. Depending on your instructions, when customers with your app enter a certain zone, they receive a message with a coupon, a special offer, or some other shopping enticement. That can help to entice these customers into your shop so they make purchases.

To illustrate another use of these types of tech tools, imagine someone is shopping on your website but abandons the cart. A few days later, that person drives past your shop. In this case, the program senses the customer’s whereabouts and sends a push notification with a reminder to complete the purchase or an invitation to come in the store and see the items in person.

Social Media Offers

You can now embed purchase options in many social media posts, which can be a convenient way to reach clients for impulse purchases as well. On a regular basis, create posts showcasing certain products or deals, and set up your account so your followers can purchase items directly from their feed. You could automate these posts using a tool such as Edgar.

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