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How to Create a Strong Password

Posted in SECURITY

Review best practice tips on creating passwords. Look at tips to share with your employees about effective passwords.

Backup Strategies for Small Businesses

Back up the data of your small business to prevent data loss. Find out what backup strategies are available.

Anti-Hackers: Low-Cost Tools to Shield Your Small Business Data

Protecting small business information from hacking should be a priority for all owners and managers. Here are some great low-cost products and tips.

Canada Falling Behind in Cyber Security

Posted in SECURITY

Become aware of your company’s obligations under Canada’s new cyber security legislation, and protect the security of confidential client information.

How to Create a Privacy Management Program for Your Small Business

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Review the steps involved in creating a privacy management plan. Learn tips on how to keep customer data safe.

Complete Guide to Encryption for Small Businesses

Posted in SECURITY

Learn about the various ways a small business can use encryption techniques to protect its files from getting into the wrong hands.

Security Essentials for Keeping Business Records Safe Online

Posted in SECURITY

Find out the real risks of storing business records in the cloud and the security essentials a business needs to guard against cyber threats.

5 Ways to Avoid Getting Hacked

Posted in SECURITY

Learn five ways to easily protect yourself from hacking, including using complex passwords and two-step authentication.