Protect Yourself Against Scammers Posing as the CRA

by John Burke

1 min read

Scammers pretend to be someone else with the intention of defrauding unsuspecting people. For example, a scammer may pretend to be a representative from the CRA and call up taxpayers to inform them that they owe back tax money, and they must transfer money to a specific bank account to pay off the fictitious debt. This bank account, of course, belongs to the scammer. When someone calls you asking for personal information or back tax money, don’t automatically assume that the caller is who they say they are, no matter how official they sound. The CRA will never ask taxpayers to provide personal information by phone or email. When you receive such a call, log in to the My Account portal to check if you have received an official mail from the CRA and verify your information. If you’re still in doubt, contact the CRA. If you receive an email with a link to log in to your My Account portal from what appears to be the CRA, it is most likely a phishing email designed to steal your information. When you click the link, it takes you to a website that looks very similar to the official CRA website. When you enter your login credential, the scammer captures your username and password and uses them to access your personal information. Don’t just throw away documents with personal information, including your contact information and Social Insurance Number. Shred them before you dump them in the trash. Also, don’t ever share your login credential for your online accounts with other people. By being vigilant with your personal information, you can protect yourself against scammers.

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