Protect Employee Information

by Thom Tracy

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Your business must take the utmost care when handling sensitive employee information. You should develop policies and procedures to make sure that your personnel records remain secure and can be accessed only by qualified employees. Education helps create awareness around workplace confidentiality. Upon hiring, the personnel who will be handling employee information should undergo required training about storing and securing employees’ personal data, such as addresses, drivers licence information, and especially Social Insurance Numbers. Your company can’t afford to take security procedures lightly. Significant legal and financial consequences could result from careless measures that place employee records in the wrong hands. Along with personal identifiers, take steps to safeguard results of background checks and salary information. An unintentional breach of employee earnings figures could create resentment in the office. You negotiate salaries and largely peg the value of an employee to compensation. Some of your personnel may not share your views. Any betrayal of confidence around pay rates will lead to dissension and a general feeling of distrust towards the company’s owners and management. Background checks may reveal information that should be kept under wraps, also. Employees have a right to privacy around sensitive areas, such as credit problems or legal issues. At a minimum, be sure to password protect electronic files and secure paper folders in locked cabinets. Limit access to employee information, assuring that only designated employees are allowed to review secure data. A failure to comply with privacy information policies can lead to employee lawsuits and scrutiny from the Ministry of Labour.

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