Don’t Rush the Launch of Your E-commerce Site

by Danielle Bloom

1 min read

E-commerce platforms make it easy to get a shop up and running in no time, but that doesn’t mean you should rush to get your site live. If you want your e-commerce business to succeed, you need a solid foundation and a plan for growth. Launching too soon can create a negative impression of your business and result in poor sales.Before you launch, fully research your product by getting feedback from friends, family, and acquaintances. You want a solid product with a strong potential to do well in your shop. Surveys and samples of the product offer ways to test it before the launch to make sure it’s something people want.When you feel confident in the product itself, start developing your e-commerce website. A quality user experience is key. The site needs a functional user interface with organization that lets users easily find products. You want to develop a useful, credible site with valuable information to attract customers and convince them to stay and buy. Testing at this point is also important. Put yourself in the place of the user. Invite friends and family to test out the website and offer feedback. A/B testing with two different versions of the website is a way to decide between different designs in the testing phase. You can also hire companies to handle user experience testing for you.One major factor in the success of an e-commerce site is how easy it is to find. Just because you launch doesn’t mean people instantly find you. Incorporating SEO into your website, building an online presence through social media, and testing different free and paid advertising methods helps you build anticipation for your website as you prepare for your official launch.Take the time to research, develop, and test your e-commerce setup for the best results. Delaying your launch to create a higher quality website pays off in the long run with a stronger launch and better long-term sales.

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