Focus on User Experience When Developing Your E-commerce Site

by Danielle Bloom

1 min read

Your e-commerce site serves as the heart of your business. Your site has the power to attract potential customers with quality user experiences, which go beyond the colors you choose and the design you incorporate. User experience describes the overall experience in interactions with the website itself and ultimately with your brand. A positive user experience on your website can create customer loyalty and increase your sales. A negative experience often sends the user running to seek goods or services somewhere else. User experience includes a wide range of website elements, including the user interface, expected behaviours of the website, content, usability, and timing. When these elements work together, the user enjoys a positive interaction with your brand and products. Testing your website’s user experience helps you figure out how your consumer interactions rate. The type of testing you choose depends on what specific aspects of the user experience you want to test. Card sorting and tree testing methods ask users to categorize certain products in categories or to find certain products within your website’s categories to check your organization. Surveys provider feedback regarding customer experiences on your website. A/B testing is another method that can check the effectiveness of the website experience. With this technique, you set up two slightly different versions of the website. Some visitors get version A, and others get version B. You can then determine which design receives the best response by how long users spend on the page and what purchases they make. Usability testing with real users is yet another option. In these tests, you can see how the users interact with the website, asking them for feedback afterward. Set up your own testing, or use a company that provides usability testing. Focus less on a pretty design and more on a quality user experience when developing your e-commerce site. The combination of valuable, credible, accessible information with positive interactions on the site turns casual visitors into lasting customers.

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