Build Your Credibility by Using Micro Influencers

by Emily Retherford

2 min read

Micro influencers offer an effective and affordable way to market your brand, products, or services. The term “micro influencer” refers to the fact that these social media users are popular but not as popular as the biggest users. This lets you target an engaged niche group.

Benefits of Influencers

When potential clients see a tweet, insta, or other type of social media post regaling the benefits of a particular product or brand, they tend to trust that information, especially when it comes from an influencer they identify with or trust. They often view the advice just as they would a recommendation from a friend. Because of this, social influencing is a type of word-of-mouth advertising. Research shows that word-of-mouth advertising influences 20 to 50% of all purchasing decisions – in particular, 49% of consumers seek product recommendations from social influencers.

The Importance of Micro

However, for marketing purposes, micro influencers may be more powerful than big influencers. As popularity rises on social media channels, engagement tends to decline. For example, Instagram influencers with fewer than 1,000 followers have a like rate of 8%, while those with 1,000 to 10,000 have a rate of 4%. This trend continues as the number of followers increases, and comments follow a similar trend.

Finding Micro Influencers

To find micro influencers, figure out which type of social media your target demographic tends to use. For example, if you are targeting women in their 40s to 50s, you may want to focus on Facebook, while Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter may be more effective to reach= millennials or teens.

Don’t be afraid to try a new platform, even if you aren’t familiar with it. Social media apps such as MusicQuik and are relatively new, but they can be a powerful way to reach niche markets.

Search for keywords related to your product or service, and look for users who have recently posted on these topics. Identify users with a large but moderate amount of followers, and look over their previous posts to make sure they align with your brand image. Alternatively, use an app such as Gnack to help you find micro influencers who are interested in promoting things.

Contacting Micro Influencers

If you are contacting micro influencers on your own, send them a professionally written direct message through the social media channel. Tell them a bit about your product, as if you are writing a press release, and let them know you are interested in them promoting your product. You may offer to pay them for the service, give them free products in exchange for a shout out, or create another type of arrangement.

The type of marketing that happens at that point depends on the micro influencer, the social media platform, the type of product you have, and your personal preferences. For example, if you sell toys, you may want a TouTuber to do an unboxing video – but if you sell cameras, you may prefer a YouTuber to make a video using your camera.

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