Helping Your Social Media Presence Stand Out From the Competition

by Emily Retherford

2 min read

Standing out from the competition on social media platforms can be a challenge, especially since millions of companies worldwide use the same platforms to market their products and services. To get noticed, create and maintain interesting and engaging social media profiles to inspire users to follow you and eventually do business with you. Find out how to create a head-turning social media presence.

Maintain a Consistent Image

Just as in real time, people respond positively to familiar faces, names and branding images. If you’re a freelancer or another independent professional, upload a nice-quality head shot as your profile image; avoid changing your profile picture so that it can become familiar to your followers. As a business owner, consider using your logo and photos of your business premises, or signature goods and services, to help social media users easily recognize you when you share posts and make comments.

Be an Active Participant

It takes more than having a social media profile and sharing articles and posts to get noticed. Engage your followers and competitors by reading and commenting on their posts. Answering questions is also an effective way to stand out from the competition, especially among your competitors with sleepy profiles. You can also use social media to reach out to industry leaders – and even well-known media personalities and social media influencers – with whom you’d like to network. For example, if your business is involved in a local fundraiser, you might use social media to reach out to journalists and well-known personalities and ask them to share your posts to raise awareness for your cause. Getting recognized by social media users who have hundreds or thousands of followers can help you stand out from your competition.

Post Images and Videos

It’s easy enough to share other people’s articles and images, but producing lots of your own original content to set yourself apart from your competition. Social media users love images and videos, so consider investing in a good-quality camera and taking lots of relevant pictures to share. Make short-form video content, too, even if the thought of being on camera intimidates you. Some of the most effective marketing videos are no more than two minutes long.

Incentivize Your Fans and Followers

Incentives can quickly build your follower base and help you beat the competition. When offering incentives, it’s important to offer perks and prizes that benefit your business. While your followers might be grateful if you offer a brand-name smart device as an incentive in exchange for follows, likes or shares, such an incentive won’t promote your business. Instead, offer discounts on goods and services, loyalty points, or sweepstakes entries to win a product or service you offer to engage with your current fans and followers on social media and acquire new ones.

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