How to Get Good Reviews on Yelp

by Emily Retherford

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Potential customers may read reviews about your company on Yelp. Ideally, you want these reviews to be as good as possible. Although requesting reviews from happy clients is not expressly against Yelp’s policy, the company discourages the practice because it can lead to inauthentic reviews. However, there are other ways to get good reviews on Yelp.

  1. Claim your business on Yelp
  2. Keep details up to date — not being open when customers arrive can result in a bad review
  3. Focus on customer service — happy customers leave the best reviews
  4. Let customers know you are on Yelp by posting a sign in your business
  5. Place Yelp’s review badge on your website so customers can click it and leave a review
  6. Take notes from bad reviews and use them to improve business practices

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